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       for counter use, i believe that many are not familiar with, the count is a simple basic operations, the counter is to realize the logic of this operation, the counter in a digital system is mainly on the number of pulses is counted to achieve measurement , counting and control functions, with both crossover functions, counters are counting from the basic unit and composed of some of the control gate, counting unit by the number of all kinds of triggers with stored information function of composition, these triggers have rs flip-flops, t flip-flop, d flip-flops and jk flip-flops and so on.
      counter widespread application in digital systems, such as computer controller in the address of the instruction counts to sequentially fetch the next instruction, for the multiplication operator, note the addition, subtraction, division number of times, and if the digital the instrument counts pulses like. the counter can be used to display the working status of the product, in general is mainly used to indicate how many copies of the product has been completed folding collating work. its main index is that the number of bits of the counter, often with three and four of the. obviously, the largest three-digit counter can be displayed to 999,4 digits maximum can display up to 9999.
     1, if the numbers increase or decrease in the counting process in accordance with classification, can be divided into the addition counter the counter, subtraction counters and reversible counters to clock signal increasing as adding counter, declining for the down counter, called the increase can be reduced reversible counter.
     2, according to whether the counter trigger while flipping classification, can be divided into synchronous counter counter counter and asynchronous two kinds.
     in addition, in accordance with the counter are often binary into a binary counter to counter, decimal counter and so on.
     in digital electronic technology applications most sequential logic circuits. counter not only it can be used to count clock pulses can also be used for frequency, timing pulses and pulse sequences to produce beats and digital computing and so on. but it does not display the results, usually to an external lcd or led display screen talent.
     s to choose the clearing date, and add a reminder value by category, such as the user can select any one day, or the first day of the month, the last day of a recording cycle clearing day, while adding long call, short messages, the number of traffic reminder nodes.
     counter wide range of applications, not only it can be used to count, but also for frequency, timing and composition of various detection circuits and control circuits.
     for ease of use, in some monolithic asynchronous counter also added a zero, preset number, hold functions, and set the corresponding control side.